Below are some good papers for each project that will help you get a feel for what the project is about.

Acoustic Species ID

J. Ayers, Y. Jandali, Y. J. Hwang, G. Steinberg, E. Joun, M. Tobler, I. Ingram, R. Kastner, and C. Schurgers, “Challenges in applying audio classification models to datasets containing crucial biodiversity information,” in 38th International Conference on Machine Learning, vol. 38, July 2021. [ arXiv | .pdf ]

Baboons on the Move

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P. Tueller, R. Maddukuri, P. Paxson, V. Suresh, A. Ashok, M. Bland, R. Wallace, J. Guerrero, B. Semmens, and R. Kastner, “Fishsense: Underwater rgbd imaging for fish measurement and classification,” in OCEANS 2021 MTS/IEEE SAN DIEGO, IEEE, September 2021. [ http ]

Mangrove Monitoring

A. J. Hsu, E. Lo, J. Dorian, K. Qi, M. T. Costa, and B. G. Martinez, “Lessons on monitoring mangroves,” in UC San Diego: Aburto Lab, UC San Diego, 2019. [ http ]

Radio Telemetry Tracking

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