Hold Your Breath! This is just the beginning….

We have been working on some structure from motion algorithms to try to recreate historical objects found off of the coast of Tobago. Here are some first attempts at reconstructions**. Click on an image below to see a rough 3D model of the object^^.

!!Edit!!: The more people who tried to navigate these models the more I realized how hard they were to navigate on other platforms, please see the bottom of the page for a video of me navigating them on my machine. I will leave them up rather than take them down. Stay tuned for both improvements to the model and the viewer.


Onion Jar

Bellarmine Jar

** The links require browser support for WebGL. To see if you have WebGL, please navigate  here

^^ Unfortunately the default view for these models is akward. Please zoom out (by pulling the scroll wheel of the mouse towards you or an equivalent gesture) so that you can see the models!



onion jar

bellarmine jar