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To get involved with research and development, contact our program directors and come to our general meetings, which are listed on our Calendar of Events. If you’re interested in a particular project, contact one of the project leaders listed below to learn more, and join our Google Group to stay up to date.

If you want to collaborate with us, please see below for the appropriate contact person for your application.

General Information

Ryan Kastner, Co-Director:
Curt Schurgers, Co-Director:
Albert Lin, Co-Director:

Project Contacts

Aerial Mapping

Structure from Motion Applications (General): Nathan Hui (

Archaeology Projects

Maya Archaeology (Aerial Surveys): Nathan Hui (

Maya Archaeology (Tunnel Mapping): Nathan Hui (

Maya Archaeology (VR): Giovanni Vindiola (

Environmental Monitoring Projects

Smartfin: Nicholas Rowlett (

Mangrove Monitoring: Dillon Hicks (

Coral Tile: Narek Boghozian (

Wildlife Monitoring Projects

Radio Collar Tracker: Mia Lucio (

Harpy Eagles: Nathan Hui (

Baboons on the Move: Chris Crutchfield (

Burrowing Owl Classification: Beilei He ( and Parth Patel (

Remote Trap Monitoring: Nathan Hui (

Acoustic Species Identification: Jacob Ayers (

FishSense: Peter Tueller (

Aye Aye Sleep Monitoring: Ameya Singh (

Other Information

For all other inquiries, contact our staff engineer Nathan Hui at

For the project Slack, make an account on the