Tips for Effective Applications

Cover Letter

  • This is one of the first things reviewers see. Use this as an opportunity to catch our eye with your interest in our projects.
  • We see these as a Google Forms response, so the formatting is whatever you type in.
  • Please make an attempt to tailor this to E4E.


  • E4E is primarily looking for students who want to really dive into and commit to a project
  • Highlight projects that you’ve really delved into and developed for several months
  • Highlight any distinctive skills you have learned and tell us what you achieved with those skills
  • Double check your resume before uploading

Skills Matrix

  • We use this to do identify people with particular skills that might fit a particular project or need.
  • Please don’t exaggerate your skill level – keep in mind that the people interviewing you have spent quite a while diving into the topics before, so it will show in an interview if you can’t hold your own.
  • If you do decide to mark a 5 in any skill level, definitely be prepared to answer some technical questions on that topic.