Engineers For Exploration is a group of students who develop and use technology to drive the future of exploration. Our projects span aquatic, terrestrial, and aerial environments, opening new perspectives of the planet. With international collaborators in ecology, conservation, and archaeology, we apply remote imaging, sensing, and robotic technologies to extend the limits of human exploration.




Baja California


The Arctic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Interested in Joining?

Our research group consists mostly of undergraduate students interested in applying the theoretical knowledge learned in academic classes to solving real-world problems. Many of our students come from engineering majors, but any motivated student can join our group. Engineers for Exploration projects uniquely provide the opportunity to combine hands-on engineering skills with foundational academic research, allowing students to develop skills early on in their careers which are invaluable both to industry engineering positions and in graduate school.

We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about engineering, technology, and exploration to participate in our research and development projects. Students must be self-motivated and excited about learning new technical skills, no matter their academic backgrounds. We especially encourage students with an interest in photography and filmmaking to join, since our field expeditions provide extraordinary opportunities for creating exciting media.

Get Involved

If you are interested, or if you have more questions, please feel free to come to any of our other general meetings listed on the Calendar of Events. You should also contact the project lead if you have questions about specific projects. If you have specific skillsets, have a look at our targeted open positions, and see if you have a skillset we are looking for in particular!

To get started, please fill out this Intake Form. One of our staff engineers or project leads will reach out to you by Oct 7. If you don’t hear back from us, feel free to ping us at e4e@eng.ucsd.edu. In addition, feel free to come to any of the general meetings listed on the Calendar of Events.

During the recruiting cycle, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Expect the following timeline:

  • 09/12/2022 – Applications Open
  • 10/10/2022 06:00 PM – Applications Close
  • 10/12/2022 08:00 PM – Interview Scheduling goes out
  • 10/14/2022 06:00 PM – Deadline to fill out interview schedules
  • 10/14/2022 08:00 PM – Interviews Scheduled
  • 10/23/2022 05:00 PM – End of Interviews
  • 10/23/2022 08:00 PM – Interview decisions emailed out
  • 10/27/2022 05:00 PM – Deadline for applicants to accept offer

Student Levels

As a member of a project team, you can expect to make material contributions to a project that has a concrete impact on the way we understand and explore the world. To recognize the various levels that individuals put into each project, we’ve established a sequence of accomplishments that you can earn throughout your time in E4E.

You can find out more about these levels in this document.