Intelligent Camera Trap: Project Updates

Tigers Posing

Intelligent Camera Trap: Summer 2015 REU

A camera trap is a recording device that captures images or video of wildlife. Current camera trap technology is used by biologists and researchers to obtain population data about animals in a region of interest. However the scope of such data collec...

The Tiger Tracker Begins

(Photography by Jennifer Batryn) A while back, a few researchers had set up a camera rig in the lion enclosure at the zoo, Dr. Lance Miller had told us. He had cautioned them the cameras were too close to the ground, and like most cats, lions tend to...

“It’s quiet like a ninja, and slow like a turtle.”

The Camera Trap Team just got the x10 Ninja Pan-Tilt turret to experiment with. After playing with it a bit, we discovered 2 things: it’s VERY quiet, and VERY slow. The quiet part is great for the camera trap, but the speed could be an issue. F...