Nautical Archaeology: Project Updates


New Platform: Stereo Diving Rig!

Introducing E4E’s newest platform for underwater remote imaging…the stereo diving rig! The stereo diving rig is designed to make high-accuracy models of underwater environments by fusing Structure from Motion models from stereo cameras wi...

Expedition Lake Tahoe

Engineers for Exploration members have just returned from an expedition to Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California, where they were imaging a pair of sunken Gold Rush-era barges in collaboration with archaeologists from the Atlantic World Marine Archaeol...

Pressure Testing Underwater Enclosures

In preparation for an upcoming expedition to Lake Tahoe, we are building a stereo camera rig.  This rig will be carried by a SCUBA diver and used to take stereo images of shipwrecks, which can later be used to create a realistic 3D model of the wrec...