Aerial Platforms

Aerial LIDAR

Aerial LIDAR

Aerial LIDAR system for jungle canopy surveys

autonomous airplane

Autonomous Airplanes

Unmanned airplanes for long-range aerial surveys, wildlife monitoring, and Structure from Motion


Autonomous Copters

Unmanned copters for short-range aerial surveys, Structure from Motion, and radio collar tracking

Condor Cam

Condor Cam

Video camera for capturing flight and behavior footage for the California Condor

aerial camera platform

Stabilized Aerial Camera Platform

Stabilized camera platform for recording gigapan aerial imagery and Structure from Motion

Terrestrial Platforms

camera trap

Intelligent Camera Trap

Camera system for autonomously monitoring and logging animal behavior

Terrestrial Vehicle

Terrestrial Vehicle

Terrestrial vehicle for remote mobile wildlife photography

Tunnel Bot

Tunnel Bot

Mobile rover for capturing footage inside underground tunnels

Underwater Platforms

3D Visualization System

3D Underwater Visualization System

Stereo video camera system for immersive visualizations of underwater environments



Enhanced OpenROV platform for underwater exploration



Spherical Underwater Camera Trap for photographing elusive ocean species

stereo diving rig

Stereo Diving Rig

The stereo diving rig is designed to make 3D models of underwater environments using Structure from Motion and a variety of other on-board sensors