Nautical Archaeology

In the field in summer 2014 imaging Gold Rush-era sunken barges in Lake Tahoe

We collaborate with nautical archaeologists from the Atlantic World Marine Archaeology Research Institute to develop technologies for creating geometrically-accurate 3D models of underwater shipwrecks.

Stereo Camera Rig Platform


Our Stereo Camera Rig platform fuses measurements from a variety of sensors to gain more accurate underwater pose estimates and create high-accuracy underwater models using Structure from Motion and other 3D reconstruction algorithms.

Lake Tahoe Fieldwork: June 2014

We deployed the Stereo Rig in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe in June 2014 to image two Gold Rush-era underwater barges. The video below shows one of the reconstructions resulting from this fieldwork.

Reconstruction of barge in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

We are currently continuing development of 3D reconstruction algorithms to improve models like the one above.