D-SEA Paper Presentation at REUNS 2019 Workshop

During this past summer’s E4E REU program, Charmaine Beluso, Anfeng Xu, Eamon Patamasing, and Brian Sebastian wrote a research paper based on the work they conducted when creating the Depth-Sensor Enclosed Application (D-SEA) prototype. On November 4th, Charmaine Beluso and Anfeng Xu represented the D-SEA team as they presented the paper at the Sixth National Workshop for REU Research in Networking and Systems (REUNS) hosted by the 16th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Smart Systems (MASS) in Monterey, CA. Their paper, titled “D-SEA: The Underwater Depth Sensing Device for Standalone Time-Averaged Measurements,” will be published in the main proceeding of the IEEE MASS conference.

Charmaine Beluso (left) and Anfeng Xu (right) at the REUNS 2019 Workshop