2021 Fall Info Session

Are you interested in scientific exploration? Do you want to take your technical skills and apply them to real-world problems? UCSD’s Engineers for Exploration is a unique opportunity to apply engineering skills and technologies to solving scientific problems in areas like behavioral ecology, Maya archaeology, and physical oceanography.

Engineers for Exploration is a one of a kind program that develops intelligent systems that aid research in conservation, cultural heritage, and exploration. We work closely with archaeologists, biologists, ecologists, and marine scientists to create technologies that aid them in their scientific research. Applications range from determining population counts for endangered animals and studying animal behavior to capturing large-scale ecological data and visualizing archaeological discoveries. Engineers for Exploration centers around student-led teams who tackle the design process from beginning to end, from planning and prototyping various designs, culminating in deploying the system in the field alongside scientists and explorers. This is a unique opportunity to work on a project with real-world impact for our collaborators. This quarter, we are looking for students to join nine different projects, working on topics such as underwater computer vision, passive bioacoustics using machine learning, developing physical oceanographic monitoring sensors, and much more!

Come hear about some of the projects that we run, and learn more about how you can get involved!

Register online here.

Apply to E4E here: https://e4e.ucsd.edu/join