An Aerial Perspective on the Native Diver Excavation

On March 8th, we collaborated with USC archaeologist Tom Garrison with his excavation of Native Diver, a famous racehorse buried at the Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, California. The Hollywood Park Racetrack is being permanently closed, and the horse’s remains are to be moved to the Del Mar Racetrack as its final resting place.

Our goal was to provide a top down perspective on the excavation using our Aerial Camera Platform. We created a timelapse of the excavation, seen in the video below!

Timelapse of Native Diver Excavation

The video below shows a 3D reconstruction of the excavation site at the end of the March 8th excavation. The excavation was completed the next day, on March 9th, and the remains were removed and transferred to Del Mar.

3D reconstruction of Native Diver remains

Press Release: Help From On High: UCSD Students Use Aerial ‘Balloon Cam’ to Document Racehorse Exhumation