Engineers For Exploration Accepted into Intel Cornell Cup

This week, our Terrestrial Vehicle project was accepted into the Intel Cornell Cup! Cornell Cup presented by Intel is a college-level embedded design competition that ends with a two-day event at Walt Disney World. For our project, we will be working closely with the California Wolf Center to develop a mobile platform for capturing close-quarters footage of the wolves at night. This platform will allow the researchers at the Wolf Center to capture unique, rare footage that will enhance their understanding of the wolves’ behavior. The platform will utilize Night Vision and Thermal cameras for navigation and reconnaissance while overcoming terrain challenges including a high level of inclination, holes, and large rocks. The platform will also require key design choices in order to protect the hardware from the wolves as well as to protect the wolves from injury if they should engage with the platform. This will be a fun and exciting year for Engineers For Exploration and the Terrestrial Vehicle project as well as for the researchers at the California Wolf Center!

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