Baboons on the Move at Measuring Behavior 2022

This past week, on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Christopher Crutchfield with Baboons on the Move attended Measuring Behavior 2022 to present on the team’s efforts on using drone footage to track baboons. During this presentation, the team presented their work using motion from the camera to track animals which are too small for machine learning to identify, as discussed in “Baboons on the Move: Enhancing Understanding of Collective Decision Making through Automated Motion Detection from Aerial Drone Footage”. This paper tackled the question of how to use drone footage to be able to understand group level decision for baboons. This included correcting for the drone’s pseudo-motion as well as how to handle “noisy”, high-ISO videos. You can watch the presentation below or read the paper in the conference proceedings here. Congrats to the Baboons on the Move team