Pressure Testing Underwater Enclosures

In preparation for an upcoming expedition to Lake Tahoe, we are building a stereo camera rig.  This rig will be carried by a SCUBA diver and used to take stereo images of shipwrecks, which can later be used to create a realistic 3D model of the wreck.  Our target wreck is at a depth of 40-50 ft, so we had to verify that our enclosures would remain water tight at that depth.

Josiah loading our camera enclosures into the pressure tank

We were generously assisted by Josiah Renfree of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, who donated his time and pressure tank to test our enclosures for us.  The enclosures remained watertight at a depth of 100ft of seawater, so we are confident that they will work for our Lake Tahoe expedition.

The pressure tank in which our enclosures were tested

Our newly-tested enclosures